'Live your dream, share your passion'

'Live your dream, share your passion'

Monday 22 September 2014

New Zealand

Going down to NZ is generally always a good camp, but this year it was great. Every day was bluebird sunny and the snow was about as good as it gets for the training we were doing. Being a ski racer we get to see some of the most beautiful places and mountains on earth, and New Zealand is definitely up there in the most scenic places I've been to. 

We started out at Roundhill in Lake Tekapo for the first 7 on snow days, then travelled towards Queenstown for our first day off and next training block. We trained at Snow Park and Coronet peak, alternating from time to time. Then headed to Mt Hutt for some SPEED training. It ROCKED, literally… the snow that was on the hill was great, but it was littered with tiny rocks that by the end of the course would have severely damaged your edges. Our technicians did an amazing job in maintaining the edges almost every run. Thanks Martin! You Da Bomb Digadee. Despite ruining  some speed skis, the training was awesome and I was pretty pumped about training Super-G. Something about going fast just makes ya feel good.

After about a week in Hutt, we headed back to round hill to finish off the camp. It was a great opportunity for me to put to test what I had been working on the past month. Its hard sometimes when you are making changes to really commit to it, because you want to ski fast and it to feel comfortable. When your mind is working as much as your body while skiing, no way is it going to look/feel normal or flow like a river. So after a month of skiing with my head, I let my heart take over, and things came together.  Still lots to changes and stuff to  work on, but I am pretty ok with where my skiing is at for this time of year.

We left New Zealand winter for Canadian Summer! Always sweet when it snows in Canada way before it should. Makes the mountains look beautiful. My parents spent a few days visiting and my older sister Reb moved to Calgary to go to UofC. Just missing the young blood Mike! Spent the weekend off in Fernie riding bikes and jumping cliffs. Best recovery days! Special thanks to our Physio Jenny Delich and her pops Michael at FernieLodgingco.com for the great stay.

Now we are back in the gym crushing it, or getting crushed I should say. We didn't get much dry land in in New Zealand due to all the volume on snow we were pushing, so now we are making up for that. Its nice to have the time between on snow camps to hit it hard again in the gym and let the body recover from skiing. I also got myself a new whip, a DOWNHILL BIKE! Thanks to Intense Cycles for this amazing bike. Early birthday present to myself for the next 10 years.

Looking forward to getting back on snow for the final camp before the season starts! Training is fun, but racing is better. 

Also huge congratulations to Eric Harlow for proposing to my Best Friend Cath Blanchard and getting a yes! SO happy for you too and can't wait to be a part of this amazing time. 

See ya

Rest in Peace Uncle Peter Austin Phelan. Love and condolences to the whole Phelan side, and all who had the privilege of knowing him.

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