'Live your dream, share your passion'

'Live your dream, share your passion'

Saturday 6 December 2014

World Cup start

World Cup start 2014-15

In general, it seems people don't like to write about the hard times, only the good. Me, I like to say it how it is and not hide under a rock when the tough gets going. I could say I had a pretty rough start to the race season, but all things in perspective, its not too bad. I came into the season a little less prepared then I had hoped. I missed the fall ski camp recovering from injuries, and up until recently was not skiing full form. 

Levi: Is AWESOME. I have not really had very much success there, but I love that place all the same. Its pretty much santa claus village. The sun never really gets very high in the sky. I love sunrises and sunsets and night time darkness, all we get in Levi!

The race was half good, I was 13th at the last interval before the pitch. Then I went junior Britt style on the pitch and lost a bunch of time and did not qualify for the second run. I was pretty bummed, as you always want to start the season off well, makes ya feel good. This did not, but made me pretty hungry to get after it in Aspen at the second race a couple weeks later.

Aspen: SO amped, too amped. Trying to go for it and leave everything on the hill is always a good choice, except when you forget you still have to ski on the way down. I forgot that in order to ski fast you have to ski well. My whole run was a little disastrous, finishing off with missing a gate and hiking..(never give up kids :P ) 

Raced some North American cups in Copper and Aspen after that. Almost had a good slalom race, had my butt handed to me in  Giant Slalom. Found new respect for how solid Leki poles are made.

Winning is easy, and being happy when you are doing well is easy. Sucking is a whole different story. I like it cause it really brings out who you are, and how tough you are. I got to say I wish I was tougher. You don't really know who you and how you will react to adversity until it is smacking you in the face. Then, if you don't like who you become, you change it. Fight for what you want, and who you want to be, and where you want to go. 

Skiing is easy, its the mind that makes it complicated. 

No time for a pity party, on to the next one.


PS: Home girl Val Grenier is starting her first World Cup tomorrow in Lake Louise, new era of speed Queens on the rise with Larisa Yurkiw leading the way with her 4th place today! Congrats Shink

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