'Live your dream, share your passion'

'Live your dream, share your passion'

Thursday 31 July 2014

Our first ski training trip of the summer was pretty successful despite a few cancelled days due to weather. I think this could have been a blessing in disguise, because everyday we did ski, we skied as if were to be our last. I think this should always be the case, not just in skiing and training, but life in general. But we all humans here and sometimes its difficult to give your 100% all day everyday. Generally its safer to give more then your 100% everyday, so when an off day happens, you have a little leeway.

Life lessons aside, I was so stoked to be back skiing. I received my new skis and boots, and have my set up dialled for the upcoming season. The new slaloms were actually unreal and I don't know what magic Fischer did to them, but I am feelin like Harry Potter on them. The new GS and boots are also pretty great, I think being more a slalom skier I just notice the difference more with the slaloms. 

On snow training in Zermatt is always hard long days. We are up before 5AM, on the lift at 6:15, on snow around 7:15, then ski till around 11:30-12. Then we head down, stop at mid station for lunch, get back around 1:30 pm, nap till we HAVE to get up for dry land usually around 4, then video/meeting. Then someone cooks dinner, then someone cleans, then we read about 2 pages of some book, then pass out. Love it! 

Our camp was mostly GS and super-g based, which was a change for me as usually I train more slalom. I think this was great for me. In slalom, I can get away with bad technique and still manage to be fast. I can make mistakes and rely a lot on my inside ski, as we've been tight for my whole life. WIth the new GS and Super-G skis, you can't afford to be on the inside ski, or lean in or get lazy. You will just fall over or look/feel completely incompetent. If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you. I accepted right away that I wanted to change some stuff in my skiing and there was no better opportunity to make it happen. Definitely had some frustrating days at first but things for sure started to come together. Pretty at ease with the work I got done and excited to bring some speed and the changes over to slalom in New Zealand in 2 weeks! Can't wait.

Now I'm back in Canmore and have already been hitting the gym in Calgary and riding my freshly renovated bike! Thanks Outside for the tune up, its riding incredibly.
See ya

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