'Live your dream, share your passion'

'Live your dream, share your passion'

Sunday 6 April 2014

Welcome to my blog. I always said if i ever made the olympics, I would start a blog. Although i am completely computerly challenged, it was pretty easy. Also, I sometimes do cool things that I want to remember, and funny things I never want to forget. I think the best first blog post I could do at this time, is probably recap my Olympic season, now that I've had some time to digest what all just happened! 

Season of ups and downs. This year was hard, for a few reasons. I was constantly trying too hard, to not try so hard, when all I really had to do was ski. I reforged a long lost friendship with my inside ski that did not help the situation also. We done now though.

That being said, I was pretty stoked on qualifying for the Olympic team through full criteria, and then finishing 15th at the Olympics in Slalom. 

The Olympics.

I still don't really know what to say when asked about them. I still don't know what I think about my Olympic experience. The more time that goes by, the more incredible it seems. I know its all the rage to 'live in the moment' which I usually try to do, but I didn't realize how amazing the 'moment' was, until it was all in the past. I met some great athletes, heard some inspiring stories, and realized how much I want to be successful in ski racing. I am so lucky I get a chance to live my dream, and show the world what I can do on skis. The Olympics were a big deal for my family, especially my parents. They have supported my dream ever since I decided thats what it was, when I was 4 years old. To have them both there, in the stands, and to celebrate with them after my race, was awesome. 

Although I achieved one of my greatest goals of going to the Olympics, I never got the feeling of 'I made it'. As athletes we always want more, we are always trying to get 'there', even though no matter what we are always 'here'. Looking forward to the next four years of getting to the illusive 'there', even if ill always be 'here', the journey to try to get 'there' should be fun. Maybe I'll ask Mikaela Shiffrin how everything is over 'there'.

After the Olympics, I had one more race in Are Sweden. It was a bit of a disaster. Not too sure why, just went how it sometimes goes.

Then I went home to Canmore. I got to finally see Shona and Andrew and Shredlie. Theys the bomb digadee. I told Andrew and Shona I was done racing till nationals cause I needed a break and wasn't stoked on racing. Then Kaylers (Mikaela Tommy) texted me saying that the Noram Finals slalom at COP was a crazy ice rink and impossibly difficult, pretty much made for me. So after throwing in the towel 12 hours prior, I texted my coach Jay to put me in for the second and last slalom the next day! 

I'm writing a lot about this race, cause it was the most fun racing I had all year. I got to see all my friends I hadn't seen in awhile and the vibe at the race was just so cool. I had a sweet first run except for one gate near the finish where I went too straight and dumped some speed. I was happy being 2nd place to fellow world cup American racer, Resi Stiegler, but was a bit too far out to be able to pull any miracles on run 2. After our first run, Kaylers and I went straight to the park and did some full suit, bib on, no shame laps. My second race run went well, I attacked and won the run, but it wasn't enough to win the race. But it was ok cause I was pumped on my skiing. Plus Shona came and watched second run.

 Then Kalyers came and stayed at our place in Canmore and we hiked up our favourite bike trail. Then I raced GS, first time of the year, and did alright! Kaylers won the second GS and scored a 7. Then we partied like rockstars in Calgary. I'm pretty sure that was the most fun race week of my life. 

After recovering from racing and craziness, I drove to Whistler for Nationals, stopped and skied at Revelstoke on the way, I was pretty stoked! 

Whistler was awesome, I won the slalom dual and I was 2nd in the slalom. I also had my career best GS score, tomahucked my way down Harmony Bowl, went mountain biking in Squamish, and generally enjoyed every minute of it.

Then Mitch and I went to Mike Wiegeles Heli-skiing! http://www.mariemichelegagnon.com/2014/04/mike-wiegele-part-2-by-brittany-phelan.html

Short trip home to Tremblant to see my favourite people also known as my siblings. I got in trouble for making #Theface so decided to be serious.

Now off to Moab Utah for some quality time with my bike!

See ya!

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